With and For Girls Award Summary

Main features

May - June 2019

Refferal Partners Applications

Nominated applicants invited to submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) and Visual Application 

The WFG Collective conducts eligibility checks

Longlist -150 to 130 Stage 1 applicants


The WFG Collective scores EOIs by region and shortlist applicants in Phase 1 Panels

Shortlist – 50 Stage 2 applicants


Regional panels of adolescent girls interview shortlisted applicants and choose winners


Winners– up to 25 Award Winners

With and For Girls Award Selection Criteria



Eligible applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:  

Please note, in addition to the above, we will also be looking at how the applicant demonstrates that it is:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries submitted by Referral partners

We mean an organisation which has girls at the centre of its programmes and activities. The logic behind the organisation’s intervention will be to address the situation of girls in whichever context and sector it operates. The needs and aspirations of girls will be crucial in influencing the leadership of the organisation.
A girl-led organisation is one that includes girls in its management, governance and decision making processes, to the extent that this is feasible. Girls will shape the organisation’s activities and overall strategic direction, and will be included wherever possible in leadership positions in the organisation. Girls will also be involved in designing and running the organisation’s activities and will have been involved in founding the organisation, to the extent that this is possible.  
No. Girl-Led means that girls are meaningfully included in the leadership of the organisation, but do not have to hold executive positions.
You should tell them about the With and For Girls Collective and encourage them to apply and join a global movement of Funders and NGOs aiming to promote girl-leadership and good funding practices! You should tell them to fill in their Expression of Interest as well as the visual application following closely the instructions, trying to be as detailed as possible while remaining in the word limits. Remind them to proof-read applications if possible, and above all make sure to communicate how girls are involved in the organisations’ work!!
In this case, you should consider whether girls are included at all in the leadership of these organisations, or if they are involved in running or shaping any of their programmes. If girls are not included at any level, then you might consider nominating another organisation.
Ideally, Yes. The With and For Girls Collective reserves the right to conduct an initial eligibility assessment on nominated organisations to verify if they fit the Award criteria. If organisations pass this screening, they will be invited to apply.
The eligibility criteria are used to determine whether an organisation will be taken into consideration for the Awards. The assessment criteria will be used to score organisation against each other and determine a ranking of organisations in the Awards process.
If you are interested you should:
  1. Let the With and For Girls team know by email that you agree to the TOR and would like to nominate.
  2. The With and For Girls team will then send you a nomination form
  3. Complete the nomination form and inform the nominated organisations about the award.
You will be asked to provide contact information for a person in the organisation, what relationship you have with them, and their income category (Emerging, Small or Large). You will also be asked to provide some information on why you nominated them, whether you believe they fit all the eligibility criteria and if you think they possess the Legal and Financial Requirements to receive unrestricted funding.
If you have any additional queries please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to arrange a call with you!


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