We Believe
The With and For Girls Collective is a group of organisations that share the common belief that girls are vital agents of change.
We believe that grassroots girl-led and girl-centred organisations supported by flexible funding propel transformational change towards a more equitable world. We want to see a world where girls are heard and respected, able to access services and are included in decision-making processes that affect them.
“Why is it so revolutionary to see girls as the experts on their own lives and issues, and that they should have a huge say in matters that affect them? Because it rarely happens. From day one, the Collective has adopted girls’ substantial contribution as a core principle and value.”
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We recognise girl-led and girl-centred organisations by awarding them with flexible funding.
We raise the profile of their work, amplify their voices, and support them to improve their capacity and access further funding and opportunities for collaboration. Girls from our network have final decision-making power on which organisations receive funding, which demonstrates our belief that they are best placed to understand which organisations best support the advancement of girls in the face of extremely challenging circumstances and pervasive discrimination.
We have supported 60 organisations in 41 countries that work directly with over 153,067 people, and together reach 1,543,360 people indirectly. We have distributed $1.95m in flexible funding and leveraged over $1million in additional funding to award winners.